Real Estate

We combine legal expertise in real property with personal business experience as we ourselves like to invest in them. Thus we are more than a legal counsel. We like to share our own experience as well as jointly gain new one with Clients.

Analyses Real Estate legal status

We analyse the status of real estate in order to check and assess their legal status.

In particular, examinations includes verification of legal title, burdens, potential restitution (reprivatisation) claims and tenancy agreements connected with real estate.


We prepare and negotiate sale agreements of real estate for our Clients.

We develop structures for an optimum transfer of legal title and advise on conditions to be taken into account in order to protect our Clients.

Tenancy and lease

We have extensive experience in negotiations of contracts on use of real estates of any type (plots of land, commercial, office and residential real estates).

Restitution (reprivatisation)

We help with the process restitution of real estate’s taken over from the owners in the period of People’s Republic of Poland in Warsaw and other cities.

Construction processes

We help with administrative procedures for delivering construction permits.

Judicial and administrative proceedings on planning permission and construction licence

We assist our Clients with all judicial and administrative proceedings connected with real estate, including, compensation ones.