Judicial proceedings

We represent the Clients before common courts, before the Supreme Court, and also before state and local administration authorities, before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Civil proceedings

We conduct cases from A to Z, joining a dispute and advising the Clients on a strategy, starting from a pre-court stage (including, inter alia, describing the risks connected with the case and assessing winning chances when the proceedings are instituted) through the trial, until effective enforcement of the Client’s rights, also with the help of court executive officer.

We specialise in commercial disputes, Swiss franc cases and so-called unit-linked life insurance products. We have also experience on the basis of disputes in the field of family law, employment law, so-called medical errors, both on the side of medical personnel and on the side of a patient as well.

Criminal proceedings

We defend suspected and accused persons and represent the victims’ interest at each stage of criminal proceedings. We also represent sentenced persons in the phase of enforcement proceedings.

Administrative proceedings

We deal with administrative as well as legal and administrative proceedings, inter alia, with regard to cases concerning Warsaw immovable properties (so-called reprivatisation), gambling law, customs law, construction law, citizenship and legalization of stay of foreigners before state and local administration authorities, and also before administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court.

Disciplinary proceedings

We represent the Clients within proceedings before professional responsibility authorities (inter alia, medical chambers, bar associations).