Asset and Share Deals

We ensure comprehensive legal services in processes of acquisition and disposal of enterprises, shares and other assets.

We prepare documentation of transactions, help with negotiations and conduct procedures connected with mergers and acquisitions. We advise both on the selling and buying side as well.

Creating transaction structures and optimising costs

We draw up an optimum law and tax model for a planned transaction.

We use the support of the best tax advisors to ensure the best possible tax conditions for the transaction.

Due Diligence

We perform comprehensive legal analyses of companies, enterprises and assets being the subject of the transaction.

Our reports identify potential legal risks and include advice as to how they can be eliminated or limited.


We negotiate contracts connected with a transaction.

Both contracts on disposal of shares or assets as well as transaction-related contracts, such as investment agreements, partner agreements and contracts connected with external financing of transaction.

Post-transaction support

We provide legal assistance in issues arising as a result of mergers and acquisitions.

We help with labour, administrative and contractual issues as well as in a widely understood corporate field.

We pursue for Clients claims connected with improper performance of obligations provided for in the transaction.