Legal services for businesses

We ensure comprehensive services in establishing and conducting businesses.

We help to make a legal assessment of the business model. We identify and advise how to avoid related legal risks. We set up companies for our Clients and support them in running their business on an ongoing basis

Advising on establishing a business

We perform legal analyses of ideas for business.

We identify legal risks which may be related to the implementation of an idea and we check if the project does not fall in the scope of businesses covered by specific regulations (e.g. investment activity, Alternative Investment Companies, provision of medical services, telecommunication activity etc.).

Establishing a business

We help in choosing an optimum legal structure for a planned activity.

We advise on selecting a legal form for the business (sole proprietor, partnership, capital company), taking tax aspects into account.

We prepare documents preceding the start of the business, including articles of associations, shareholder agreements, joint-venture contracts.

Corporate services

We ensure our Clients comprehensive corporate services.

We prepare company bodies’ resolutions and documentation required by provisions of the code of commercial companies and partnerships. We represent the Client in proceedings before the National Court Register.


We advise on running marketing campaigns.

We help in assessing compliance of planned marketing operations with legal regulations – both, of a general nature (GDPR, act on competition and consumer protection), and provisions governing specific categories of products (medical devices, manufactured tobacco, alcohol) as well.

We prepare consumer consent clauses allowing entrepreneurs the use of personal data for marketing purposes, both, of own products and services, and of related companies as well.

Drawing up standard forms of contracts

We prepare all standard forms of contracts necessary for the conducted business activity.

Both, in relations with employees/collaborators, clients/recipients of goods and services offered by entrepreneurs, and in relations with contractors/suppliers as well.

Negotiating commercial agreements

We support our Clients in a contract concluding process.

We participate and advise at negotiation meetings. We analyse projects and propose options which are to protect our Clients’ interest. Also for bad times, in particular, as to establishing a contracting party’s possible responsibility in case of problems with performance of contracts.

Commercial disputes (pre-court stage)

Once problems with performance of contracts emerge, we help our Clients in assessing a situation in legal terms and advise on a strategy for further actions.

If it is possible, we strive for amicable settlement of disputes in order to minimise costs on our Clients’ side.

Labour issues

We prepare contracts for engaging people under contracts of employment and private law contracts as well.

We take care of the protection of transferring copyrights in the recruitment of authors/programmers. We help with labour disputes at a pre-court and court stage.

Recovering receivables

We help our Clients to get their money back from debtors.

Both, from contracting parties being behind with payments, borrowers, and other debtors as well. We have extensive experience connected with the enforcement of securities of receivables, including, resulting from bonds due.